My good friend Fredrik has been the victim of various more or less well thought through projects of mine throughout the years, and he’s always been happy to point out that everything was my fault. Lately, I’m happy to say, it’s mostly been the other way around.

A few months ago, me and Magnus wrapped up a full year or recording a weekly podcast called M vs M. That project in itself was very much influenced by Fredriks involvement in podcasts like Kodsnack, Björeman // Melin and Den makalösa. Recording an hour of completely unscripted podcast every week consumes a lot of thoughts, and sometimes we were pretty short on ideas. After we ended the series, good podcast subjects kept popping up here and there and my mental list of interesting ideas kept filling up, but I no longer had a natural outlet for them. This combined with Fredriks subtile hints that I should be writing something somewhere is what lead me to fire up this old website.

I used to write here pretty irregularly during the early 2000’s, but when social media became a thing, that quickly satisfied my need to express myself. Either that need wasn’t very big at the time, or it was easy to scale down. I’ve started a couple of Tumblr-blogs since then, but they’ve quickly died down – sometimes within days. I don’t even have the ambition to write regularly here this time around, but when I do feel like writing, it’s nice to have somewhere to do so. I’ve also noticed that my English has deteriorated over the years, and this is an excuse as good as any to get some practice. Hopefully interesting things will keep coming my way, and hopefully writing about them will feel worthwhile.

It’s not entirely impossible that me and Magnus will start recording the podcast again some time in the future, but for now this is a good place to dump thoughts.

This time everything is clearly Fredriks fault, and that’s just the way I like it.

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