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My bicycle

My bicycle is a silver Skeppshult STC Basic from 2005 or so. I don't remember exactly when I bought it, but I think it was around that time. Skeppshult is a Swedish manufacturer of bicycles founded in 1911. They've been making bicycles at the same location without interruption since then, and they're the only Swedish manufacturer that makes frames in-house. Iron, and later steel, has been very important resources in Sweden for centuries, and Swedish steel is world-famous for its strength and quality. It feels pretty cool then that the frame of my bike and the entire supply chain of raw materials needed to make it are extracted, refined, and produced within the borders of our little country. I'm sure pretty much all the other parts on the bike are made in China though, that's pretty much unavoidable these days.

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Right now

2024-02-28: I'm trying really hard not to buy new tires for my bicycle. The ones I have are in pretty good shape, but Continental Contact Urban look great and apparently have very low rolling resistance ...

About me

My name is Martin Gunnarsson, and I live in Dalby, near Lund, in southern Sweden. This blog is mostly a place for me to document things I found difficult to find or to understand (or both) for myself as well as for others.

With work and family life taking up most of my time, nothing I write about here should be seen as best practice, but rather the way I achieved the results I wanted. Free time is rare and passes by quickly, and most of my hobby projects have clear goals (sometimes quite whimsical ones) that I want to reach. At the same time I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I try to stay away from the dirtiest of the quick and dirty solutions out there.

If I've made a mistake or missed an obvious solution, please get in touch and let me know! There are some links for that in the page footer.

Happy tinkering!