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Am I a bicycle commuter now?

Two months ago I started collecting my thoughts on commuting by bike, mostly to convince myself to giving it a shot. Being in the middle of the winter, the weather was pretty rough for a period of time after that, but about a month later I rode to work for the first time. The weather was still a bit questionable on that day, with a very strong crosswind, but I went anyway and was thrilled to have taken the first pedal stroke.

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2024-03-23: I'm currently not obsessing about anything in particular, with feels unusual and makes me a bit restless ...

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My name is Martin Gunnarsson, and I live in Dalby, near Lund, in southern Sweden. This blog is mostly a place for me to document things I found difficult to find or to understand (or both) for myself as well as for others.

With work and family life taking up most of my time, nothing I write about here should be seen as best practice, but rather the way I achieved the results I wanted. Free time is rare and passes by quickly, and most of my hobby projects have clear goals (sometimes quite whimsical ones) that I want to reach. At the same time I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I try to stay away from the dirtiest of the quick and dirty solutions out there.

If I've made a mistake or missed an obvious solution, please get in touch and let me know! There are some links for that in the page footer.

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